DMX Controls

DMX Controls and Wiring Accessories (ZXP390)

ZXP390 addressing device is a fast and convenient address writing and testing tool for DMX512 luminaires. The device supports internal test animation for DMX512 addresses verification and is designed to be suitable for a variety of applications. The device can automatically write address to a whole group of interconnecting luminaires within minutes. Miniature industrial design, compact size and touch screen. It can be powered by a power bank with a Micro-B type USB port for on-site programming and testing after installation.


• Compact size
• Compatible with multiple types DMX512 chips
• Built-in test animation effects
• SD card slot to store animation and scenes
• Supports standard RDM protocol
• Supports searching for RDM luminaires and static detection • Color-pick functions
• Can be powered by Micro-B type USB power supply